Discuss any concerns about the effect or your absence on your studies with the Medical School, your Personal Tutor or Student Support as a matter of urgency.

Completing the form:

To notify absence of up to and including five term-time holidays (excluding Saturday and Sunday) due to illness, students should complete the student self-certification form ONLY.
To notify absence of more than five term-time days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) or absence from any summative examination due to illness, students should complete the student self-certification form and present it and the Medical Certificate form to a doctor, who should complete the later.
To notify absence due to a medical appointment, please DO NOT use this form but instead complete the Student Request for Exceptional Absence form.
Please ensure you have filled in the absence dates correctly before submitting the form as it is not possible to edit these dates after submission.
Note: A student who presents themselves for an examination is declaring themselves fit to take that examination. The result of an assessment stands if a student becomes unwell during any part of an examination unless it can be shown that the student could not reasonably have foreseen that acute illness.
Please refer to Student Attendance and Leave Policy and associated documents when completing these forms.

Please ensure you have filled in the absence dates correctly, accurately and honestly before submitting this form

Supporting files

Use this section to upload documentation in support of your absence, e.g. a Medical Certificate from a doctor for absences exceeding five working days

This information will be held by the Medical School in order to keep a record of student absences. The Medical School will monitor the frequency of self-certified absences and will inform students of their procedures to follow up multiple instances. All students must provide a doctor's medical certificate in multiple and sustained instances of self-certified illness. Confidentiality will be respected and any requests to keep information confidential will be complied with.

By pressing the submit button I agree to the University of Buckingham recording and processing this information about me. I understand that the information will only be used for the purpose(s) set out above and my consent is conditional upon the University complying with its duties and obligations under the Data Protection Act.